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The Electric Karnival Caribbean Music Festival (EK), is an unique event; a merger of local and international musical talent.With your support EK seeks to capture the essence of the city through musical synergy. To paint a portrait of mixed cultures which is our cosmopolitan South Florida.

South Florida is experiencing a resurgence of it's culture. We want to be the catalyst for this phenomenon. We want to bring it's various unique segments together, to spurr a united cultural epiphany.
The Venue
The Luscious beach side park area; Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.Located on Biscayne bay and close to major highways; there will be ample parking for all our guests.

Venue is capable of holding 20,000+ patrons - below is a draft of our artist rendering of the layout
The Line Up
For our inaugural year we are bringing fifteen (15+) world class, international artists to perform. We are aiming for a full day of entertainment starting with South Florida's finest at 1 pm and ending at 12 am. Performers include: LLCOOLBLAZESilent Addy | Ape Drums | Brenmar | Sliink | Private Ryan | Crown Prince | Willy Chin | 4B | Patrick "The Hype Man" | Jeff Molner | Electric Penny | Tony X | Kyle De Souza - all Lead by South Florida's very own Walshy Fire - A member of Major LAZER and the legendary Bunji Garlin from Trinidad.

Alright, enough selling - here's the deal.

We expect you to be the regional liaison / ambassador for EK in your area. In some cases there may be multiple in the same region but we will coordinate activities to ensure we work in unison.

We expect you to "push" and promote EK with all you've got and the your rewards are only limited by your own performance. In fact, If you have a good idea to help gather support, we will fund it to make you successful with your efforts.

How will I be compensated for my efforts?
Very Simple and straight forward, we will set you up with your own promotional code - once your referrals sign up with this code, you will earn, the next page describes the reward scale.

Affiliate Tiers

Tier 1: (10 Tickets)

1 x General admission comp

Tier 2: (30 Tickets)
2 x General Admission Comp
$5/ticket for every ticket sold

Tier 3: (60 Tickets)
4 x General Admission Comps
$5/ ticket

Tier 4: (120 Tickets)
2 x VIP Comps or 6 x General Admission
1 x Premium Bottle
1 x VIP Parking spot
$5/ ticket

Tier 5: (250 Tickets)
4 x VIP Comps or 12 x General Admission
2 x Premium Bottle
2 x VIP Parking spots
$5/ ticket

Tier 6: (500 Tickets) - Silver
1 x Round trip Airfare ticket to Miami for EK
8 x VIP Comps
8 x General Admission Comps
5 x Premium Bottles
3 x VIP Parking spots
$5/ ticket

Tier 7: (800 Tickets) - Gold
1 x Complementary hotel room at our host hotel
2 x Round trip Airfare ticket to Miami for EK
10 x VIP Comps
10 x General Admission Comps
6 x Premium Bottles
3 x VIP Parking spots
$5/ ticket

Tier 8: (1000+ Tickets) - Platinum
2 x Complementary hotel rooms at our host hotel
3 x Round trip Airfare ticket to Miami for EK
15 x VIP Comps
10 x General Admission Comps
10 x Premium Bottles
5 x VIP Parking Spots
$5/ ticket

*must hit target to qualify
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Thank you for taking this journey with us, it's going to be epic!

Feel free to encourage like minded folks to get onboard and help make this successful for all of us - share the affiliate form with your friends, family and associates.

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